George Washington Sharp
(1839-1895) was the father of Eva May (Leslie Hardy’s grandmother), G. Shelton and Frank Leslie Sharp. He held eight shares, with others, in a 100 acre property near squirrel Creek Pt., at Rapley Cove, Lot 12. He was a lobster packer, oyster farmer and fishery guardian over Lot 12 waters.

G. Shelton Sharp (1876-1942) was the father of J. Foster Sharp (1903-198?). Foster spent many summers on the sandhills, off Lot 11, during his youth when his father operated a lobster factory at Hardy’s Harbour that was sold in the Autumn of 1921.

Frank Leslie Sharp (1880-1933). He resided at East Bideford where he was engaged in fox-ranching and oyster farming.

Ernest Arthur Hardy (1877-1946) married Eva May Sharp (1878-1952) resided at Freeland. Ernie Hardy was a lobster packer and fisherman all his life. His factory “E.A. Hardy and Sons”, was in operation for forty-five consecutive years, from 1901-1946. His family included Everett, Wilbur, Lois, Ivan, Cecil, Elmer, Frank Leslie, and Jimmy. Five of the boys were lobster fishermen.

Frank Leslie Hardy (1912-1976) and Gladys Belle Yeo (1916-2007) are the parents of Leslie Hardy. Frank was a lobster fisherman most of his life. He also worked in the family lobster cannery on the sandhills at Hardy’s Harbour. In later years he was an oyster dealer at East Bideford and during the winter months he fished smelts with box-nets under the ice in neighboring creeks and bays. After his death his oyster leases and company, known as Malpeque Oyster Ltd., were taken over by his son, Leslie, who operates it today at East Bideford.

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